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Euro: Currency & Exchange Rates

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Credit Cards & ATMs (Automated Teller Machines)

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Credit & ATM/Debit cards bearing any of the logos below can usually be used to obtain cash from Cash Machines(ATMs), worldwide:

Cash machines can be found across the world in large towns and cities. Even in villages you may occasional find a Cash Machine(ATM), sometimes hidden away in a petrol(Gas) station, store or post office. The exchange rate applied to credit card transactions is usually more favourable than changing banknotes but remember that many card issuers charge a fee on cash advances, usually a percentage of the amount withdrawn. Some ATMs, especially at airports, also supply other currencies (eg Dollars, Euros). It is not advisable to rely solely on credit cards when travelling. Because of fraud credit card issuers are very cautious these days, and will sometimes put a stop on cards if they see an unusual withdrawal pattern. Always inform your credit card issuer if you are to travel abroad. Also remember that cards can get lost or the magnetic strips becomes defective - as a backup always carry a little cash or some travellers cheques.

Sales Tax Refunds

When you travel to other countries around the world you may find you are entitled to a refund of national and local taxes on any purchases you bring back home. Tax refunds can normally be obtained at the airport of departure in the currency of your choice or by credit to your credit or charge card account. The store where the item was purchased can usually provide a claim form. Sometimes refunds for larger purchases have to be certified by a customs agent before being issued.