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The B&B Network Franchise

Like to operate the B&B Network franchise in your country or region ?

As an Internet Marketing Association, the B&B Network wants to offer the public the best possible resource for finding and connecting directly with any kind of accommodation worldwide. To this end, it has created an International database that any accommodation can add or amend their details.

Searching this database via any of the B&B Network website (International, National or Regional) will provide the Internet user with a choice of accommodation in the town/city or country of their choice. The results are generally displayed as lists that give priority placing to Members of the B&B Network - linking directly to their membership webpage or website. If there are no members in a given area - links to an enquiry form are provided to any accommodation that is in the International Accommodation Database.

Managing a B&B Network Franchise in your country will give your members a National website (English as standard - 2nd language an option) and they will be part of an International network that provides a constant flow of Internet traffic.

What does it cost and how does it work ?

There is no start up cost - we only require the franchisee to be fully committed to developing membership in the region or country. The B&B Network will provide a national or regional website based upon the general design of existing sites in the network. There are website templates for all grades of membership and new members that have existing domain names may utilise these templates simply by pointing the domain to our name servers.

Basically, the team at B&B Network Headquarters in Ireland provide all the technical expertise and the franchisee the local administration and collection of membership fees. Revenue / Income from local membership is managed by the franchisee and a percentage paid to the B&B Network for each local member.

For details of B&B Network Membership please visit http://membership.bnb-network.com

If you are interested in being a FRANCHISEE please email