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The B&B Network - Who we are & what we do

The B&B Network is a International Internet Marketing Association for Family Homes, Guesthouses and Hotels offering bed and breakfast.

THE B&B NETWORK: is a totally unique system of interconnected international/national/regional/portal websites designed specifically to capture and redirect Internet traffic solely for the benefit of members. Each website acts as a gateway to a network of accommodation worldwide. The websites are dedicated to the promotion of members and link to hundreds of members websites.

MEMBERSHIP: is open to any establishment, in any country, that offers guests bed and breakfast accommodation. The prime benefit of membership is one of collective Internet marketing worldwide - the promotion of members premises, their website, their last minute deals and offers. However, members also benefit from a free website (regularly upgraded to incorporate the latest marketing and technical innovations), free secure hosting and a web-based admin panel that provides a collection of Internet marketing tools to allow them to compete more effectively - plus of course the B&B Network's COMMISSION FREE secure bookings management system.

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS: The B&B Network cannot represent all B&Bs' Hotels effectively, hence our strict policy of NOT over-subscribing in any specific town or region. The network has an increasing Internet presence, and with our entry into the European market, has grown to millions of unique visitors every year.

MARKETING TEAM: The B&B Network is managed by a dedicated team within Insight Web Marketing Ltd., a leading Internet marketing agency for tourism and leisure.

Based in Ireland, the B&B Network team members pioneered collective Internet marketing for Irish tourism and have experience in this field going back to the early years of the web in 1994. To support their work, a wider Network was developed to provide a dependable source of Internet traffic for marketing groups associated with the accommodation sector.